Studying Art History and Aesthetics Abroad

The Erasmus cooperation programme on the art history course at the Kunsthochschule Kassel is still being set up.  

However, it is already possible to gain funding for work experience abroad. The University of Kassel funds study-related work experience – through the Erasmus Practical Placements Programme, among other things.

Work experience and placement periods abroad in Europe are funded for at least 60 days and up to 12 months (360 days) as part of the Erasmus+ Foreign Placement scheme. The maximum period of support depends on any previous Erasmus stays abroad during the relevant study cycle (e.g. bachelor’s degree course).

The Erasmus+foreign internship/practical periods grant programme is not a programme for arranging work experience, but a placement funding programme, i.e. applicants have to look for an internship, accommodation etc. themselves. However, assistance and experience from other people are offered/passed on as a matter of course.

What does the Erasmus+ programme for internships abroad/practical placements offer you?

  • A grant amounting to EUR 330 – 420 per month, regardless of the payment for the placement.
  • Organisational support in preparing for and completing a placement abroad
  • An EU placement agreement (learning agreement for traineeships) between the university, company and student
  • A certificate confirming participation in the programme
  • An entry covering voluntary placements in the diploma supplement
  • Special grants for students with children
  • Special grants for students with a disability

More information about internships abroad.

Please contact the International Office at the University of Kassel for more information on the Erasmus Practical Placements Programme, other funding programmes for internships abroad and for advice.

Overseas programmes for study periods abroad
Students from the University of Kassel not only have the opportunity to complete their studies abroad in a European country, but can spend one or several semesters at a university elsewhere in the world too.

One opportunity is provided by the programmes of the German state of Hessen; you can apply for exchange opportunities at the Universities in the states of Wisconsin and Massachusetts in the USA and Queensland in Australia through this.

The art history course has the following contacts, which are of interest as part of the programmes available in the state of Hessen:  

  • University of Massachusetts – Armhurst College and Smith College
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, St. Lucia – BA in Art History

The course fees are covered and other funding may be possible for travel expenses, insurance, accommodation through various grant programmes.  

Please contact the International Office at the University of Kassel for more information on the overseas programmes for study periods abroad and for advice on them.