Training to Teach Art at Upper Secondary/Grammar Schools, Lower and Intermediate Secondary Schools and Primary Schools

What is special about the art teacher training programme at Kassel is that you study the subject at an art academy. This means that you study in close contact and exchange, i.e. on an equal footing, with the other students in the Visual Arts and Visual Communication classes. This enables you to become acquainted with, and to learn to pursue, a wide range of aesthetic practice and to set your own focus in the fine and applied areas.

The entire study programme has a modular structure. Around two thirds of these modules are compulsory, the remaining third consisting of compulsory elective modules in which you can set your own focus.

Study programme duration: at least six semesters to become a teacher at primary schools, at least 7 semesters for lower secondary schools and intermediate secondary schools and at least 9 semesters for upper secondary/grammar schools. The respective study programme is concluded by the First State Examination. There is also the possibility of studying for a doctorate.

An intensive teacher training study programme in Kassel requires a great deal of initiative and critical self-determination, an interest in example-based and project-oriented working and the courage for open debate.


Dr. Wetzel, Tanja

Professorship for Art Pedagogy

Hainz, Julia

Artistic Associate | Art Pedagogy

Keller-Grein, Katherina

Pedagogical Associate | Art Pedagogy

Dr. Lübbecke, Gwendolin

Research Associate | Art Pedagogy