Application for the Visual Communication Program

Program prerequisites

You are eligible to study Visual Communication if you have a higher education entrance qualification (i.e., Abitur, master’s examination) and can demonstrate your artistic capabilities in an artistic qualification test (also called entrance examination). You can also be admitted to the Visual Communication program without a higher education entrance qualification if you take part in the entrance examination and can demonstrate outstanding artistic capabilities. All those without an entrance qualification and who are applying for admission based on outstanding artistic capabilities must indicate this on the registration form.

If you received your graduation diploma abroad and want to apply, please follow the description at Application for International Students

Registering for the entrance examination

It is only possible to begin the program in the winter semester. In order to take the entrance examination, you must submit a registration form by April 30th of the respective year (postmark date) at the latest. Please use the form available through the link on the right column.

When registering it is not yet necessary to submit any work samples (with the exception of moving image formats, see the next paragraph). An application portfolio with representative work samples must be brought and presented at the entrance examination. More information on this can be found below under ‘The portfolio’.

An exception is made for applications with moving image formats (videos, films, etc.) as well as screen-based digital works. These works must be submitted along with the registration form for the entrance examination by April 30th of the respective year at the latest.

Please note the following:

If you wish to submit work samples based on moving images (film, video, etc.), please use the common internet platforms (preferably Vimeo, don’t forget passwords if necessary!) and add a link to the work in your registration. If this is not possible, samples may be submitted as MP4 files or USB sticks may be sent by post.

All other digital screen-based works can be submitted by e-mail as attachments or in the form of URLs as downloads in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .mov, .avi, .mpg, .mkv (all formats that can be played in VLC), .pde (Processing), .jar (Java Applet) or html (capable of running on current versions of browsers). Online works (URLs) and apps (Android/iOS) may also be submitted. The online work/URL/app cannot be considered submitted if there are problems with network, server, or store. Apps should have the original name, an activation code, and download location/store. Stand-alone applications (for instance, games) are also accepted and should be viewable on current PC or Apple operating systems without additional software. Social media (for instance Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube channels, Facebook), open source software projects, Tor/Onion addresses, and online hacks may also be submitted. In exceptional cases submissions may also be made on USB sticks sent by post.

The registration for the entrance examination (including any of the links and additional materials mentioned above) should be submitted by April 30th of the relevant year to:

Kunsthochschule Kassel
Visuelle Kommunikation
Menzelstraße 13-15
D-34121 Kassel

You will not receive any confirmation of receipt, but you will be invited to the entrance examination in a timely manner. As a rule the examination takes place in mid June/early July. The exact date will be provided on the invitation.

The portfolio

Please bring an application portfolio to the entrance examination. The portfolio should be arranged in a way to provide information about your person, your development, and your skills. As a rule the portfolio should include at least 25 representative works. If you work with media (i.e. film, games, or the like) that are particularly time or labor-intensive, the minimum number of 25 work samples can be reduced. Works should not exceed the format 70 x 100 cm. Larger or three-dimensional works can be enclosed as reproductions. Sketchbooks and drafts are expressly welcome, since they often provide more access to the thought processes and approaches of the person applying that are allowed by finished works.

In cases where you have already submitted videos, films, apps, games, or similar moving image or digital works with your application, these must also be included again in the portfolio or be available on your own computer.

The portfolio must contain:

  • Name, address, telephone number, e-mail
  • Resume
  • A signed declaration that all the works were personally created by yourself. In the case of collaborators or co-authors, please indicate this and describe the amount and type of collaboration. In addition, please indicate which program focus in Visual Communication that you are most interested in.

Procedure of the selection process

The artistic qualifying examination takes one day.

On the examination day all applicants will receive a task to be prepared and presented in the time given. Materials and tools to accomplish the task must be brought with you (see below), no working materials will be provided. On the day of the examination all candidates will have a short interview with the examination commission in which they will have the opportunity to present their portfolios and to answer questions about their work. The portfolio will be returned immediately after completing the entrance examination.

Materials and tools that you might bring to the entrance examination include, for example:

  • Drawing paper DIN A2,
  • various pens and brushes,
  • colored pencils, paint to mix (watercolors, tempera, etc.),
  • glue, scissors, cutters, and cutting surfaces, 
  • photo camera, video camera, laptop, etc.

You will receive a written notice of whether or not you have been accepted to the Visual Communication Program by post within a few days.