Al Solh Class

The students concentrate on different artistic media – but the major focus is on installation, performance and new media. A critical analysis of reality with a focus on the construct of gender in society and cultural history forms the content-related programme of the course.

We also view our class as a temporary community that is co-shaped by all those involved in a collegial and responsible manner. Each of the semesters is dominated by major themes in terms of the content. We assume that it is possible to work independently and in parallel on (class) projects. Our students should see themselves in the context of a learning process – and it is essential to have a sense of inquisitiveness, a delight in experimentation and be prepared to fail and then rethink your ideas.

The production of finished artistic works is not the top priority – on the contrary, it is more about developing and reflecting on our own artistic practice when dealing with contemporary art, its contexts and protagonists. Research, reading, screenings, series of events, guests, workshops, excursions, exhibitions, portfolios/publications and walking tours all form part of the artistic training.


Al Solh, Mounira

Professorship for Performance

Redeker, Meike

Artistic Associate | Al Solh Class