Student Initiatives



As a platform for youth art and club culture, TOKONOMA in Kassel organizes lectures, film programs, exhibitions, and club nights. The goal of the group is to reflect contemporary themes in art, film, and music and to encourage young artists. Contact: info[at]



Stellwerk in the Kasseler KulturBahnhof is an exhibition space organized by students. Stellwerk is conceived on the one hand as a platform for young artists whose work has not been shown. On the other hand, it also presents already established artists. In addition, it encourages networking among artists in Kassel and outside the city. Contact: stellwerkkassel[at]




BIOLAB has established a new work and research environment to provide students the opportunity to engage – creatively, artistically, and scientifically – with living organisms at the interface between design, art, and biology. Along with its network partners, BIOLAB offers teaching and learning events as well as a platform for exchange. Practice oriented projects can be carried out directly at the lab. Contact: mail[at]


The Laboratory for Table and Culinary Culture


The Laboratory for Table and Culinary Culture organizes events that range from social dinners, ad-hoc cuisine, eating design, and “Communikitchen.” The central element is the workshop-like kitchen at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, where students have the opportunity to help organize events. The team at the laboratory are concerned with questions like how preparing food promotes social interaction, or how table and culinary culture can be reconceived. Contact: foodlab.khs[at]



The Risowerkstatt (Room 0100, Atrium) is a print lab organized by students at the Kunsthochschule. Posters, flyers, zines, and other materials are printed at cost in various printing screens. Alongside a number of special print colors, the workshop also maintains a selection of papers. Contact: risowerkstatt[at]




The student initiative PANALOBBY has been working on internationalizing and networking the Kunsthochschule since 2015. With their counseling services for international students and those interested in the program, with the “Welcome Breakfast,” and with various artistic projects, PANALOBBY contributes to optimizing the internal structures and institutions for international students. Contact: info[at]