Visual Communication Foundation Class

Over the course of the two-semester foundation class, students become acquainted with the degree programme in Visual Communication in its entirety. Workshops are held with the teachers of all subject classes and departments as well as introductory courses on the relevant study workshops. Moreover, students are taught ways of thinking and work methods by professors and staff both within the work process and also on an informal basis, thereby enabling them to orientate themselves not only according to media/materials, but also according to thematic alignments and content-based stances as early as at the end of the first year of studies.

For students of the foundation class, both semesters begin with a short opening workshop. In addition, the programme includes a field trip to Leipzig, where various designers, illustrators, photographers and other fascinating personalities are visited and exhibitions viewed. The aim of this field trip is to give new students an outlook on the diverse professional prospects available to them after they complete the study programme in Visual Communication.


Behncken, Hjördis Lyn

Artistic Associate | Visual Communication Foundation Class