Project Professorship

The degree programme in Product Design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel is extremely multi-faceted, with its specializations in Industrial Design, Furniture Design / Exhibition Architecture, Designing Textile Products, Design Theory and Practice and Sustainable Product Design and Development. We see the heterogeneity of this structure as its great strength. In addition to research and artistic associates, our degree programme has 7 professorships.

In connection with a new appointment, we decided to fill one of these 6 professorships differently from all others and to confer it annually on designer personalities of international rank. A design-oriented degree programme requires, on the one hand, continuity and reliability in order to be able to set up and further develop fundamental, essential areas; on the other hand, an outside perspective that is different and clear-eyed each time represents a very useful and refreshing corrective for students and teachers alike.

It also makes it possible to open the study programme, in future, to areas to which attention often cannot be paid in everyday teaching. In addition, this concept enables us to attract to teaching special personalities who would not be interested in a permanent appointment.

Due to the time limitation, an international appointment can be made, which enhances the quality of our degree programme by including an international facet.