::digipool – study workshop for digital media

Academic structure

The ::digipool offers fundamental interdisciplinary theory in the field of digital media. Introductory and basic courses are mainly available during the winter semester, while the summer semester focuses more on providing in-depth courses – building on the former and in conjunction with the areas of specialisation.


  • Graphics and image processing as well as 3D software
  • Edit suite/sound studio 
  • Compositing/cutting 
  • Large-format printers

Equipment for loaning: 

  • Film and photo cameras 
  • Light and grip accessories
  • Sound equipment
  • Data projectors

Workshop description

You can find all the latest information like dates, a selection of the equipment available, price lists and the services on the ::digipool home page. Are you interested in the ::digipool newsletter? Then please enter your details here.

Val, Olaf

Teaching Staff for Special Tasks | Director ::digipool workshop