Studying at the Kunsthochschule Kassel

The Kunsthochschule Kassel (KhK) is an internationally oriented art academy that combines academic, artistic, and art educational programs. Since it is accredited to confer doctorates and Habitationen, it is one of the few art schools in Germany with university status. 

Around 1,000 students including master-class students are currently enrolled in the programs in Visual Arts, Visual Communication (final artistic exam), Product Design (diploma degree), Art Education (teaching profession), and Art History and Aesthetics. The interdisciplinary approach of the programs provides students with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge across disciplines.

The following degrees are offered at the Kunsthochschule:

Artistic Degree*: Visual Arts, Visual Communication
Masters programs: Visual Arts, Visual Communication
Diploma: Product Design
State examination: Art Education
Bachelor of Arts: Art History and Aesthetics
Master of Arts: Art History and Aesthetics
Doctorate and Habilitation: Art History and Aesthetics, Art Education, Design Studies

*The Artistic Degree is equivalent to a Master of Fine Arts.

Opportunities for prospective students: