Application Visual Arts

Entry Requirements

If an applicant has a university entrance qualification (e.g. advanced school-leaving certificate, master craftsman's certificate) combined with artistic talent, he or she is eligible to apply to study on the art degree programmes at the Kunsthochschule. Evidence of artistic talent must be provided in an art entrance examination. Applicants without a university entrance qualification may also apply and will be admitted, providing they show evidence of outstanding artistic talent in the art entrance examination.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, we welcome applicants who have already been able to acquire diverse life experience in the context of a work placement, a study programme, a professional training scheme or a stay abroad prior to studying art.


Applicants can commence their studies as of the winter semester or as of the summer semester. The entrance examination is the first occasion on which applicants bring and present their portfolio. Registration for the entrance examination must be received by 30 April or 1 December, respectively, of the year in question (date of the postmark).


Ideally, you will have compiled your portfolio so as to provide information about your personality, development and knowledge. You are, in principle, free to decide on the format and working method.

Your personal presentation within the entrance examination can consist of a selection of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, sketches, drawings, watercolours, photographs, drafts, a performance or similar. In compiling your works, you should, however, bear in mind that preliminary drafts, sketches and preparatory drawings for a work often permit more conclusions about your ways of thinking and approaches than an image of the finished work is able to convey.

In addition to creative and compositional questions, we are interested in your artistic concepts and your personal motivation, as well as your engagement with contemporary developments and trends in present-day art. Your presentation should include around 15 to 20 works. We do not recommend portfolio courses.

It is possible to apply for summer semester!

It is now possible to apply for the degree programme in Visual Arts not only for the beginning of the programme in the winter semester, but also for the summer semester.

Registration for the entrance examination for the degree programme in Visual Arts must be received by 1 December (date of the postmark).