Practice Coordination

If you’re looking for information about possible vocational fields, you’re come to the right place. This page provides basic information on a variety of topics and questions that take you beyond the time of your studies. 

  • What happens after graduation?
  • What are the possible job prospects for art scholars? 
  • What kinds of internships are available to find the right career path?
  • What needs to be considered with the practice module?

Practical module: Internship, workshop project, tutorial

  • Registering for internship, workshop project, and tutorial for the bachelor program in art history and aesthetics
  • Guidelines for reports on internship, workshop project, and tutorial

Registration formula and guidelines
Please submit your registration to the examination office

Job Prospects in Art History and Aesthetics

The online brochure Job Prospects in Art History and Aesthetics provides a brief look into various occupations and working areas for art scholars. Experts report on the central responsibilities, personal highlights, and special challenges in their everyday work life, giving concrete tips about internships and career entry.

Online brochure


Counseling Services for Career Orientation:

Especially for art scholars:

Qualitätspakt Lehre [Teaching Quality Pact]
The Practice Coordination Office for Art History and Aesthetics is part of the Qualitätspakt Lehre. Provision II.4: Anchoring practical experience in the bachelor studies (Funding information). This is supported by funds from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research under the funding code 01PL17036.