Study workshop for metal

Design and art students draw up models, moulds and prototypes of their designs at the study workshop for metal. One-week seminars are available to get to know metal processing. Craftsmanship and industrial working techniques are communicated here. 

Course content:

  • Recognising and classifying metals and their technical properties
    Getting to know about industrial and craftsmanship processing techniques when separating and joining metals
  • Taking into account health and safety at work when dealing with metals and machines
  • Making use of machine and craftsmanship opportunities during the metal study workshop 

The aforementioned course content is communicated partly in the form of design tasks where students get to know the material properties of different metals from the design stage to production. Individual support is also available for degree projects and other project work in addition to this one-week seminar. 

Machinery is available for processing semi-finished metal products using cutting or non-cutting techniques for practical work. Special metal machines like plate shears, a band and circular saw, swivel bending machines, welding units etc. are the key features of this workshop.


Dörsch, Thomas

Teaching Staff for Special Tasks | Director Metal Workshop