Fachschaft (Student Representatives Council)

The Fachschaft are elected by students at the Kunsthochschule to represent all of their interests. At the Student Representatives, students from all the degree programs at the Kunsthochschule (Visual Arts, Art Education, History and Theory of Art, Product Design, and Visual Communication) can meet to pursue their common interests and to exert influence on developments at the Kunsthochschule.

In addition the Fachschaft work to create lasting improvements for all students at the Kunsthochschule and they represent the opinions of students at the board, so that new faculty and other projects to improve teaching are reviewed by the Representatives as well.

Do you want to make an active contribution to improve the university? Do you think there is something wrong? Do you need information? For these and other questions you can turn to the Fachschaft by email at: fachschaft20[at]googlemail.com.

The Fachschaft meets every Monday online at uni-kassel.zoom. We welcome new participants and other interested persons!