Designing Textile Products

In Designing Textile Products, design expertise is imparted, particularly in a spatial context, using materials and techniques for developing textile products and their functional and aesthetic qualities. Students mainly work on projects. The necessary technical foundations are also taught in the workshops.

Through research and practical activity, students develop their own ways of approaching problems, thereby acquiring development and decision-making expertise, which results in independent solutions to problems. The intention is for students to experiment with material, to question the conventional, but also to rediscover the traditional and further develop it creatively.

As the term "textile products" can in no way be reduced to "beautifully decorated flatware", but describes a much larger, more complex field, this is made tangible by means of concrete tasks and interdisciplinary projects as well as in teamwork.


Bostan, Ayzit

Professorship for Design of Textile Products

Spoo, Sandra

Artistic Associate | Design of Textile Products

Projects (a selection):