The Kunsthochschule Kassel

The Kunsthochschule Kassel is an internationally oriented art school that brings together academic, artistic, and art educational programs. Since it has the right to confer doctorates and Habilitationen, it is one of only a few art schools in Germany with university status.

Around 1.000 students including master-class students are currently enrolled in the programs in Visual Arts, Visual Communication (final artistic exam), Product Design (diploma degree), Art Education (teaching profession), and Art History and Aesthetics. The interdisciplinary approach of the programs provides students with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge across disciplines. The KhK offers students 14 interdisciplinary workshops for all thought and work processes, thus continuing the Bauhaus traditions of combining craftsmanship and artistic skills.


Artistic and creative freedom is combined with scholarly thinking at the Kunsthochschule. This allows students to become familiar with art and design from a variety of perspectives. Through the open educational structure, the interdisciplinary orientation of the teaching, and the pronounced practical orientation of the course offerings, students are constantly integrated into real working processes. The student results are presented in the form of exhibitions, film projects, and publications.


The Kunsthochschule is conceived as a place of constant change, where students are actively involved through their own impulses. They are encouraged to learn and test out new creative and expressive forms. Breaking up conventional ways of perceiving and developing one’s own artistic position are the goals of the program at the KhK.


Internationalism is a part of life at the Kunsthochschule and is practiced in the teaching. Programs such as Erasmus+ facilitate worldwide exchange. In order to promote this international student exchange, the Hochschule maintains a close collaboration with its international partner schools. For students these exchange programs not only mean further qualifications, but also the chance to become familiar with a variety of educational systems. They are encouraged to discover different cultures and to experience different notions of art and of defining art in the context of the public sphere.


The KhK works in a number of cooperative projects with businesses, partner schools in Germany and abroad, art and cultural institutions, foundations, associations and clubs. The practical orientation in teaching, which goes along with different cooperative formats, positively supports education. Already during their studies students can therefore make useful contacts in the working world. 


Prizes, awards, and grants underscore the quality and variety of the education at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Teachers and students are awarded for their short and animated films, publications, initiatives, or products in a number of national and international competitions.