Kunsthochschule Council

The Kunsthochschulrat is the highest decision-making body of the Kunsthochschule Kassel. It regularly consists of 10 professors, 3 artistic-scientific employees, 5 student members (in the election period 2023 to 2024 2 student members) and 1 administrative-technical employee. The Rector is the chairperson. The meetings of the Kunsthochschule Council are open to all employees and students of the Kunsthochschule.

Members of the Kunsthochschule Council

Group professors:
Prof. Joel Baumann
Prof. Ayzit Bostan
Prof. Matthijs de Bruijne
Prof. Jakob Gebert
Prof. Dr. Alexis Joachimides
Prof. Jan Peters
Prof. Dr. Susanne Ritzmann
Prof. Florian Slotawa
Prof. Johannes Spehr
Prof. Cecilia Vallejos

Substitute members (order of moving up):
Prof. Peggy Buth
Prof. Dr. Johanna Schaffer
Prof. Dierk Schmidt
Prof. Lutz Pankow
Prof. Andrea Büttner

Group artistic/research associates:
Hyun Ju Do
Nadja Porsch
Olaf Val

Substitute members (order of moving up):
Katharina Mludek
Dr. Gwendolin Lübbecke
Harald Knöfel

Group technical employees:
Matthias Heß

Substitute member:
Ursula Wallbach

Group student members:
Veronika Cerkesa
Mathias Wiezoreck