Diversity and Anti-discrimination

For the Kunsthochschule Kassel, creating equal opportunities for the genders, maintaining a critical approach to discrimination, and fostering a culture of appreciation for diversity form important foundations for successful development in research, art, teaching, and administration.

Legally, discrimination is defined in the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) as disadvantageous treatment linked to a discriminatory characteristic and for which there are no factual grounds for justification. The Guideline for Protection against Discrimination and Sexualized Violence, which was enacted in 2019 and applies throughout the University, is intended to prevent or eliminate discrimination based in particular on gender, ethnic or social origin, appearance, age, disability or illness, sexual orientation or gender identity, religion or belief, or marital status. The information brochure resulting from the guideline, “Stop Discrimination: Live Diversity,” describes different forms of discrimination and aims to sensitize and empower people to deal competently with discrimination.

The Kunsthochschule Kassel encourages its members to get involved or seek support if they have witnessed discrimination or experience it themselves.