Application for the Degree Programme in Product Design

Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the study programme in Product Design, applicants must provide evidence of a university entrance qualification (e.g. advanced school-leaving certificate, master craftsman's certificate) combined with artistic talent. Evidence of artistic talent must be provided in an art entrance examination. Applicants without a relevant certificate may also apply and obtain a university place if they show evidence of outstanding artistic talent in the art entrance examination.

Start of Study Programme, Work Placement

The study programme begins in the winter semester. A craft-based work placement of 9 months is part of the study programme in Product  Design. Training centres can be craft or industrial enterprises, technical colleges or other establishments in which consumer products and workpieces made of wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics or textiles are produced. The work placement may be completed either wholly or partially prior to the start of the study programme. Relevant training is credited. A voluntary work placement in a design office or an agency and such like is not meant here, but recommended for general orientation before or during the study programme. The 9 months need to have been completed by the time candidates are admitted to the Vordiplom (intermediate examination). Of these 9 months, 6 (but at least 2) normally need to have been completed before candidates embark on the study programme.

    The Portfolio

    The portfolio should be compiled so as to provide a statement about the applicant's development, personality and knowledge. It can include sketches, drawings, photographs, watercolours, two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional drafts/works and such like. The applicant is free to choose the format and working method. It should consist of at least 25 works. In compiling your works, you should, however, bear in mind that preliminary drafts, sketches and preparatory drawings in relation to a work often permit more conclusions about your way of thinking and approach than a mere image of the finished work is able to convey.

    Product Design Information Day

    Prospective students are advised to find out in advance about the study programme in Product Design. In addition to the general information options, consultation meetings can be arranged with teachers on the degree programme. Furthermore, the degree programme in Product Design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel organizes an information day every year.