Application Product Design

Admission requirements

Prerequisite for the Product Design program is proof of a higher education entrance qualification (i.e., Abitur, master’s examination) together with artistic talent. This is to be demonstrated in an artistic entrance examination. Applicants without an appropriate certificate may also apply and get accepted if they demonstrate exceptional artistic talent in the artistic entrance examination.

Start of program

The program always begins in the winter semester, that is, in mid October.


The portfolio should be organized in a way that it represents a statement about the development, personality, and skills of the applicant. It may contain: sketches, drawings, photos, watercolors, two or three-dimensional designs/works, and the like. Applicants are free to choose the format and the working method. The portfolio should consist of approx. 25 works/pages. While compiling the portfolio, keep in mind that designs, sketches, and preparatory drawings often provide more access to one’s approach than does a depiction of a finished work. 

The entrance examination

The entrance examinations to determine artistic talent take place in June (registration deadline: April 30) and September (registration deadline: August 15) at Kunsthochschule Kassel. All registered applicants are invited to the two-day entrance exam, to which they should bring their portfolios. During the entrance examination applicants will receive around 4 design tasks to work on. A selection committee made up of professors, staff, and students evaluate the portfolios and the completed tasks. In addition, the applicants take part in a short introductory conversation with the selection committee.

Product Design Infotag

Prospective students are advised to learn something about the program in Product Design ahead of time. Along with the general ways of getting information, counseling appointments with teachers from the program can be arranged. In addition, the Product Design program hosts an Infotag [information day] every year at Kunsthochschule Kassel.