Study workshop for plastic

Design and art students develop models, moulds and prototypes of their designs at the study workshop for plastic in close cooperation with the wood and metal workshops at the Kunsthochschule.

One-week seminars are available to get to know how to work with plastics. These communicate craftsmanship and industrial working techniques.  

Course content:

  • Recognising and classifying plastics and their technical properties
  • Learning about industrial and craftsmanship processing techniques
  • Learning about the ecological and technical aspects of working with plastics (recycling, selection of materials…)
  • Taking into account health and safety at work when handling plastics and machines  
  • Making use of machine and craftsmanship possibilities in the study workshop for plastics

The course content mentioned above is also communicated in the form of design tasks, where students get to know the material properties of different plastics ranging from the design stage to constructing the mould and even producing the plastic parts.

Individual support is also available for degree projects and other project work in addition to this one-week seminar.

Machinery is available for practical tasks that involve processing plastic semi-finished products with or without cutting; these procedures are familiar from metal processing. Specific plastics machines like vacuum thermoforming machines, an injection moulding machine, a thermal edging machine, etc. supplement the work facilities that are available.


Scholz, Ulrich

Teaching Staff for Special Tasks | Director Plastic Workshop