Master's Degree in Art History and Aesthetics (M.A.)

The M.A. in Art History and Aesthetics at Kassel is a broadly conceived postgraduate study programme in the history and theory of art, which consciously takes the whole range of professional fields open to art historians and theorists into account. For this reason, the teaching programme has a flexible structure, thereby affording students a high degree of individual, self-determined specialization from the outset. This flexibility also includes interdisciplinary cooperation with programmes at the Kunsthochschule, a large number of other degree programmes at the University of Kassel and the art history institutes in Marburg and Göttingen, from which content can be contributed to the study programme. A mobility window, which facilitates a period of study abroad within the standard period of study, has been integrated into the syllabus. The M.A. degree thus opens up access to the day-to-day professional working environment of art historians and theorists, in which, nowadays, initiative, flexibility and experience in a wide range of areas are taken as given.