Portfolio and Portfolio Advice

What should be included in a portfolio and how many drawings or other works do I need to present? The application pages of the individual degree programmes include specifications and information in respect of this important and most frequently asked question. In general, the portfolio should be assembled so as to provide information about the applicants' personality, development, and knowledge – there is, however, no one solution for creating the perfect portfolio.

The Kunsthochschule Kassel would like to learn something about the applicants, about their way of perceiving things and how they implement their perception artistically – their portfolio is only a part of what the selection committee wants to know about them. Applicants are not expected to provide a skilful population of an exhibition here – they should demonstrate who they are, where they want to go and what ideas, talents and passions they bring with them. The personal process of engagement with perceptions and working materials is crucial to identifying potential.

The precise dates are announced in the "Events" section. In addition, it is always possible to arrange individual portfolio advice meetings with the teachers. You will find contact details under the "People" menu item or on the pages of the individual degree programmes.