Studying Visual Arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel

The visual arts are allied with all the areas of life in their modes of expression, and teaching art begins with the diversity of artistic positions and specific focal points.

The teaching of independent art therefore means: exploring opportunities to work in all media and modes of expression. The process of teaching and learning takes place in one-on-one and group discussions, always requiring full commitment from those taking part on both sides.    

The openness of the workshop guarantees exposure and experience with different art teachers and their positions, which is an essential component in developing one’s own unique position and work. Lectures and seminars in art history, art studies, and philosophy, courses in the student workshops as well as excursions fill out the teaching spectrum. One a year, at the end of the summer semester, there is a public tour as a school exhibition.

The program encompasses 10 semesters, culminating in a final work (exhibition) and a final colloquium. The final work consists of two parts: a written, theoretical part and a practical one. After a final examination, a diploma of successful artistic university studies will be issued, which corresponds to a master’s degree.

Particularly gifted students may be nominated as master-class students.