Winners of the Kassel Art Prize 2023 of the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation have been selected

This year, the Kassel Art Prize of the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation goes to the artist Malin Kuht in the field of visual arts and to Cat Woywod for intermedia art. Both awards are endowed with 5000 euros each. The award winners were appointed by the Magistrate of the City of Kassel on the recommendation of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

In addition, the Doris Krininger Prize will be awarded for the fourth time to Kassel artists aged 35 and over and from all artistic disciplines: This year, the prize will be awarded to artist Katrin Leitner.

The Magistrate's decision was announced by the Chairwoman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, Dr. Susanne Völker, Head of the Department of Culture: "We warmly congratulate the winners of the Kassel Art Prize of the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation, Malin Kuht and Cat Woywod, and of the Doris Krininger Prize, Katrin Leitner, on this award, which recognizes their extraordinary artistic work. In addition, 14 Kassel cultural projects will be supported from foundation funds and a further four works of contemporary art will be added to the Artothek. This year, the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation is once again promoting innovative concepts and high artistic quality. It thus sustainably strengthens important artistic positions from Kassel and the region."

Exhibition and award ceremony
The award ceremony will take place on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. The artistic works of this year's Zippel Prize winners, Malin Kuht and Cat Woywod, as well as the winner of the Doris Krininger Prize, Katrin Leitner, will also be presented at this event. The exhibition can then be visited at the Kasseler Kunstverein until June 25.

Malin Kuht
Malin Kuht (*1994) sees herself as a media-critical artist and activist. In her artistic works, she focuses on various aspects of digitalization and the changes in perceptual perspective inherent in it. She is particularly interested in network culture within social power relations. She transfers well-founded research into moving images and language, mostly poetic, humorous and speculative. In her film "En-Countering Cyberfeminism" (2021), she explores the history of early network culture and raises questions about the past, present, and future of emancipatory approaches to technology. "En-Countering Cyberfeminism" has been shown at numerous film festivals and exhibitions, and Malin Kuht was awarded the "Hessen Talents" label by the Hessian Film and Media Academy for it in 2022.

This summer Malin Kuht will complete her studies in Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Her graduation film, with the working title "Blue Light Waves Goodbye," explores the technical production of blue paint and its use in Western art and cultural history.

Cat Woywod
Cat Woywod (*1992, non-binary with the personal pronoun: it) is honored for its comprehensive artistic work with sound, performance and site-specific installation for its intermedial art. Its sound engineering craft, exploration of the interplay of sound and light, and expansion of vocal and linguistic capabilities weaves it into poetic sound sculptures. In doing so, it creates new dimensions and landscapes in which the boundary between time and space becomes fluid.

Cat Woywod is currently studying Visual Communication in Sound/New Media with Prof. Joel Baumann at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. In December 2023 it will conclude its studies with a local sound and performance project in Kassel.

Katrin Leitner
Katrin Leitner (*1974) studied Fine Arts from 1996 to 2001 and Visual Communication from 2001 to 2005 at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and finished her studies as a master student with Prof. Rolf Lobeck. She is known in the city of Kassel not only for her artistic work. Her sphere of activity is very diverse: for example, as a lecturer at various universities, in Kassel and Beijing, China and as an exhibition organizer and art mediator.

But she is mainly an artist in search of deep understanding of complex structures and interrelations of human existence. In multi-year work cycles and long-term projects, Katrin Leitner combines a wide variety of media such as ceramics, video projection, text in words and images, which she brings together in space-related installations and performative stagings, always with fundamental questions about the present, past and future.

She has been awarded various prizes and scholarships for her artistic work, most recently the working scholarship of the Hessische Kulturstiftung. Her works have been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions.

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