The animated film HUGE CHOICE by Oleksandra Krasavtseva (Kunsthochschule Kassel) was awarded the SHORT TIGER by German Films.

For the 13th time, the joint short film initiative of FFA and German Films presented the SHORT TIGER AWARD to the best short films for the cinema. The two SHORT TIGER winners receive earmarked prize money of 5,000 euros each for new projects and a contract with a short film distributor who brings the films quickly and easily to the cinema. At Filmfest Dresden, the winning films premiered for the third time in April 2023 as part of the NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER program.

The animated film HUGE CHOICE is based on the poem "Don't Leave the Room" by Joseph Brodsky and shows a surrealistic reality in which the main character is faced with the choice of a room. At first glance, the choice of rooms is quite large, but in fact all the rooms turn out to be pieces of a big pie.

From the jury statement:
The clear three-color illustrations of this animated film present - clearly arranged as in a set box and nostalgically flickering as if shown with an old projector - the supposed variety of possibilities to furnish one's life. But what value does this diversity have if everyone lives only for themselves and side by side in their individually designed rooms and never leaves them because the world out there is full of dangers? HUGE CHOICE is what Oleksandra Krasavtseva calls her interpretation of the poem "Don't leave the room" by Joseph Brodsky. His criticism of the system brought him labor camps and finally expulsion from the Soviet Union. Because HUGE CHOICE reminds us how immeasurably great are the possibilities that life offers. Because HUGE CHOICE asks us to use these possibilities, to leave our own four walls, to rebel against injustice and to stand up for those who are trapped in their space. Because the film seems playful, but in its mere three minutes raises fundamental questions of freedom and responsibility, we award HUGE CHOICE with the SHORT TIGER 2023.

Oleksandra Krasavtseva was born in 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduating in architecture from Kyiv Academy of Arts, she studied at Kunsthochschule Kassel since 2018. Her works include the short film HUGE CHOICE (2022), winner of SHORT TIGER AWARD 2023 and Adaptation Award at Cadence Video Poetry Festival 2022.