GBB Spring School: The Not Yet

From April 26-30, 2023, the participants of the Graduate School for Moving Image will organize a Spring School with self-designed workshops in the Künstler:innenhäuser Worpswede.

The theme The not yet is meant to stand for a not-state, a process, a still-changing. The group will ask questions: about the becoming of a work, the connecting points of collaboration, social utopias, but also address concrete problems of artistic creation. When is a work, a work finished? When is it finished? What about infinite works that are constantly evolving? When is something only a fragment and when is it already a whole? Are many fragments a whole? Thus The not yet means both a lack of the not yet and the strength of the processual, working with metaphors of nature and ecological systems.

The workshops
In Texts for soaking , participants will engage with critical theory on interruption, suspension, and dissolution. Together they will explore whether this can give rise to a speculative practice that can be used to challenge violent systems. In the generative writing workshop Strategies for situating , they will develop texts with regard to auto-theory, intersubjectivity, and authorship in artistic practices. In the workshop Group Dynamics and Body Sensitivity , the focus is on exercises aimed at artistically working groups or collectives with an emphasis on body-based, ephemeral art (such as performance art, acting, dance). A repertoire of getting-to-know-you, concentration, improvisation, and various body/voice exercises will help address specific needs during the collaborative creation process. In the workshop Surrendering: Surrendering controlas part of an artistic practice the group tries to consciously let go as a counter design to an isolated artistic practice that wants to keep complete control over process and result. In small experiments processes are initiated in which the result is not predictable. The goal of the Human - Machine Interaction workshop will be to look at different digital tools and methods. Participants will learn how they are used in different artistic contexts to connect these practices to their own.

Spring School 2023 is a workshop series - organized and conducted by the participants of the Graduate School for Moving Image at the Kunsthochschule Kassel - and is financed by the prize money of the 39th Kassel Dokfest, donated by HÜBNER GmbH & Co, and funds from the Kunsthochschule Kassel.