Democracy First - a campaign for democracy

On 09.06.2024 we will elect a new European Parliament. With Democracy First - a campaign for democracy, we want to motivate people to take action, go to the ballot box for the European elections and vote in the political-democratic spectrum. No place for right-wing extremists! In the style of "America first", "Democracy first" caricatures this nationalist and isolationist slogan. Contrary to isolation and isolationism, it calls on people to vote within the democratic party landscape. The campaign is thus explicitly directed against any form of discrimination and segregation.

Illustrations and cartoons for democracy
Kassel illustrators developed motifs and slogans under the campaign motto, which are distributed free of charge to Kassel citizens as posters and stickers. Students and graduates of the Kunsthochschule Kassel also took part in the campaign:
Carolin Pysalski, Ilknur Koçer, Ilo Ebbe, Janosch Feiertag and Jiaqi Hou.

Initiated by the non-profit Raamwerk e.V., the campaign is being expanded through cooperation with Caricatura (Galerie für Komische Kunst) and KulturBahnhof Kassel. Together against hate and hate speech!

Further information on the campaign: