Best Camera Documentary

For his work on the image, the achtung berlin camera award 2023 goes to Jan Peters for EIGENTLICH EIGENTLICH JANUAR.

The prize of the new berlin film awards of the 19th achtung berlin film festival was awarded on April 19, 2023 and is endowed with a technology voucher for the rental of digital camera equipment up to a volume of 1,500 euros, donated by and redeemable at 25p *cine support Jan Peters for EIGENTLICH EIGENTLICH JANUAR.

Jury statement:
A series of sequences, starting with a reenactment from film history; photos on wet streets, stones by the sea, graffiti and other found objects; zooms and camera rides; all filmed by hand. Beyond that, fixed shots, episodes of individual images piling up, sequences of to-do lists; in between, undertakings, observations; different speeds; records, it seems, to get closer to one's own reality, to fix the present; records that are directed - as invoked in the text - against disappearance, and not only in the form of images, but also of techniques: The analog here leads to reflection on the medium itself; an awareness of the materiality of images, of colors, light, textures that come to us as scratches, streaks, flashes, smears, etc. and whose production is described in the film thus: "For a 30-meter roll of film, 108 g washing soda in two liters of water, add 30 grams of vitamin C, then 80 grams of instant coffee, in absolute darkness, at 20 degrees Celsius, 15 minutes in the bucket, then soak for 5 minutes, fix for 10 minutes, the light can now be on again, soak again and before hanging, pull through a water bath with a drop of dishwashing liquid, then onto the line to dry."

achtung berlin film festival
In total, new berlin film awards were presented in twelve categories and a total value of over 28,000 euros. The awards ceremony marked the end of this year's edition of achtung berlin Film Festival, the most important showcase of young German film from Berlin-Brandenburg, which started on April 12, 2023. The festival screened more than 70 films and series episodes in a total of eight sections - Feature Film Competition, Documentary Film Competition, Medium-Length Film Competition, Short Film Competition, the Film History Retrospective, and the Berlin Spotlights, Berlin Spezial and Berlin Series sections. The festive award ceremony took place in the evening at Kino Babylon.