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27.06.2023 – 27.06.2023

Kunst und Gegenwart

What role does contemporary art play in economics, ecology and politics? Talks on art and society.

Art has never been self-sufficient. But today, even more than in the past, it sees itself as a social force in the midst of things. Its awareness of problems thus no longer concerns only the aesthetic, but is rather directed at our present in general. In the discussion series "Art and the Present" we want to explore this shift. The economy plays just as important a role as politics and ecology. We ask what contemporary art has to say to us in these areas today. What does it do, what does it want, and what does it lead us to there? And what does all this mean for art itself?

Talks on art and society (each from 6 to 8 p.m.):

02.05.23: Gary Zhexi Zhang: The Greater Fool Theory: Art and Economy in Unravelling Times.

16.05.23: David Morris: "WHAT WE ARE NOW": Solidarity, Precarity, Culture Work and Artists for Democracy (1974-77)

06.06.23: Hannah Baader: Out of the Lab: Ecology and Museum Presence

06/13/23: Juliane Rebentisch: Theories of Contemporary Art. 10 years after. A conversation.

20.06.23: Judith Siegmund: The integration of the arts into society and consequences for art institutions.

27.06.23: Katrin Rottmann / Friederike Sigler / Stephan Trüby: Art and Architecture of the New Right. A conversation.

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