26.08.2023 – 22.09.2023

Fabian Heller - I wish you were a fox

Fabian Heller loves trees and images. In his artistic practice he deals with themes of nature, the Anthropocene and the limits of digital images. Always on the lookout for new visual impulses, he engages with both digital and analog media. He uses digital image generators, where pixels are manipulated using algorithms and artificial intelligence to create a steady flow of images. At the same time, he is also dedicated to sculptural and installation works in wood, which are subject to a constant process due to their organic materials and develop a certain life of their own, similar to his digital works.

Currently, he is researching an aesthetic that combines the ideas of sustainability, the post-anthropocene, and generative art. How do humans, nature and technology communicate with each other? What extra-linguistic parts and proposals for the future can be explored through art, images and aesthetics? Who speaks?

In the context of the exhibition at Warte für Kunst e.V., there will also be an artistic exchange with the "Barnale" in Günsterrode, initiated by the Los Angeles project. Here Fabian Heller will place a wooden monolith in the forest affected by birch dieback. The control room organizes a Shuttel, which will bring the visitor:inside on 26.08. to LA and again back. For the museum night on 02.09. there will be an artist talk between Fabian Heller and Franziska Weygandt.

26.08.2023 from 15 to 19 h
la II barnale, Los Angeles, Günsterode
Warte für Kunst / Fabian Heller

02.09. at 19 h Artist Talk with Fabian Heller
Title: 01000010 01100001 01110101 01101101(tree)
in the backyard of Warte für Kunst

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