27.02.2024 09:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

Writing applications for artists and designers in the postgraduate phase

Writing funding applications is part of everyday life in science and art, but it takes knowledge and practice.

05.02.2024 – 05.02.2024 / hochschulöffentlich

Gender-sensitive language - in-depth workshop for employees of the Kunsthochschule

In the workshop for employees of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, we would like to address the possibilities and strategies of gender-sensitive language.

29.01.2024 10:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

Artists' social insurance - the unknown entity?

When may, must or can I insure myself as a designer or artist via the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK)?

26.01.2024 13:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

Insurance and protection for creative professionals

How can I insure myself against occupational disability as an artist? Which insurance policies really make sense, and why?

24.01.2024 – 24.01.2024 / hochschulöffentlich

Meetings of the Kunsthochschulrat

All members of the Kunsthochschule Kassel are cordially invited to attend the meetings of the Kunsthochschulrat.

19.01.2024 09:30 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

LGBTIQA+ and Queerness at the Kunsthochschule Kassel

Introductory workshop for employees of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

13.12.2023 – 17.12.2023 / öffentlich

EXAMEN 2023 - Kunsthochschule Kassel

Particles / Exam / Tides

08.12.2023 13:00 UHR / öffentlich

Lecture: Nick Klein

Nick Klein is an artist working in sound and art and sometimes (begrudgingly) sound art with a lean towards the social potential in those modalities as they interact.

07.12.2023 21:00 UHR / öffentlich

StadtLabor: The graduation exhibition of the Kunsthochschule

StadtLabor discussion on the Examen 2023.

30.11.2023 – 17.12.2023 / öffentlich

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance takes place over three evenings where we come together to perform, talk and share the space.

28.11.2023 – 27.02.2024 / öffentlich

Portfolio Advice: Art Education

The Art Education cordially invites interested students to a portfolio consultation.