Awards, prizes, scholarships 2021

The cdw Foundation Sponsorship Award (EXAMEN 2021) was awarded to: Frauke Rohenkohl (prize money: 4,000 euros) and Anna Fischer de Saas (prize money: 4,000 euros).

The Comic Book Award 2022 of the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung goes to Sheree Domingo and Patrick Spät with their work "Madame Choi and the Monsters". The prize is endowed with 20,000 euros.

The Golden Hercules of the 38th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival was awarded to Joey Arand for her film "La sorsier kabiné".

Jonas Kim Rühl is a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

Hessian Film and Cinema Awards: The prize in the category of best graduate film went to Tobias Sauer for his film "The Kafka Conference, or: Dubček goes swimming." The prize is endowed with 7,000 euros. The animated film "Der Lokführer" by Zuniel Kim and Christian Wittmoser was honored as best short film. The prize is endowed with 4,000 euros. Director Aliaksei Paluyan was awarded the Hessian Newcomer Prize, which is endowed with 7,500 euros.

The Germancompetition of the Niederrhein Film Festival is won by "21:71 Uhr" by Joey Arand .

Joey Arand's short film "21:71 Uhr" is awarded the Audience Award (Randfilmfest: Rand Award Shorts). Lisa-Maria Schmidt receives a graduation scholarship from the Ikea Foundation. The scholarship is endowed with 500 euros per month and is awarded for a period of three to six months.

The Golden Rider of the Youth Jury - National Competition at Filmfest Dresden went to JEIJAY by Maren Wiese and Petra Stipetić.

Jonas Kim Rühl receives a scholarship from the Cusanuswerk.

Rundgang prices (Kunsthochschule Kassel): Prize of SV SparkassenVersicherung, 1,250 euros each: "Languages and Beyond Versus Hairless Chauvinism", class Al Solh in cooperation with Annette Weisser; "Ratanke", collective Goldfish AG, Zora Jöst, Tobias Lob et al. Birgitt Bolsmann Prize, 1,100 euros: "Business as Usual", Frauke Rohenkohl with Christiane Muñoz and Jonas Brust. Prize of the Universitätsgesellschaft Kassel e.V., 375 euros each: "Chiral Laboratory for Manual Intermediate States," New Media class; "New Art City," Animation, Games and New Media class. Prize of Kasseler Sparkasse, 250 euros each: "Talkie Walkie," Basic Fine Arts class; "Koma Klar - Digital Burnout," Virtual Realities class. Prize of HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG, 250 euros each: "Fox and Goshawk"; "Textile Composites".

Behrooz Karamizade (alumnus) receives the Golden Lola 2021 for the best unfilmed screenplay for his debut project "Leere Netze".

The working scholarship for young artists in Willingshausen was awarded to Janosch Feiertag.

The winners of the Hessen Design Competition 2021 are: Abdalla Mohamed with his lamp Fleur (category: Living) and Florian Bremer with his soap collection Soapso (category: Living). Each award winner will receive a prize package worth 7,000 euros.

Martha Frieda Friedel receives the Kassel Art Award of the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation. The award is endowed with 5,000 euros.

Scholarship Summer School "Design & Democracy" for Ruth Firsching. The newly founded Design Campus awards six workshop scholarships for the first time as part of the German Design Graduates Initiative.

Morris Joffe (visual arts), Rosa Langer (film and moving image)and Georgina Mae Mowwe (illustration and comics) receive a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

Lisa Olbrich and Carlos Platz receive a graduation scholarship from the Ikea Foundation. The scholarships are endowed with 500EUR per month and are awarded for a period of three to six months.

The Otto Braun Fund scholarship holders are: Lisa Heinze, Lingyu Jin, Sebastian Gneiting and Sophie Nicklas. The scholarship for final artistic projects amounts to 520 euros for a maximum period of six months.

Georgina Mae Mowwe wins second prize in the "18+" category at the "Fumetto" international comics festival for her work "Off the Grid".

Petra Stipetic and Maren Wiese (animation class) receive 25,000 EUR production funding from HessenFilm for "Vom Duft der Roten Beete und den Menschen, die ewig leben".

The Hessische Kulturstiftung awards 15 studio and travel grants for 2021/2022. A travel grant is also awarded to Daniel Stubenvoll (art school graduate).