Graduate School for Moving Image: Analog Realities, Digital Materialities

The Graduate School for Moving Image: Analog Realities, Digital Materialities is being established at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

The Graduate School aims to further develop the third phase (i.e. postgraduate, after an MA, Magister or equivalent artistic degree) at the Kunsthochschule and addresses the field of moving images as being articulated between games, animation, video, new media and film. The graduate school brings together young artistic researchers: The program is oriented towards graduates of the Kunsthochschule's artistic courses of study and towards junior artists/filmmakers/authors with art degrees from other art colleges or universities. Participants will be enrolled as ‚Meisterschüler*innen‘ at the Kunsthochschule for two years and will receive a certificate confirming their participation.

The Graduate School encourages collaboration and dialogue between graduates of the KhK and other art schools, intensifies the discourse within the group and thus further expands the great expertise in the field of moving images at the KhK. Art based research on moving images always also addresses commercial and consumer formats, and it interrogates interdependencies between visual (moving) content and distribution channels such as social media or streaming platforms which expand access to discourses and image production for constantly growing numbers of audiences and authors.

The Graduate School for Moving Image is aimed at junior researchers whose work is based in art, the moving image, and design and wants to strengthen its participants' claims on research as their form of practice. In the context of interdisciplinary supervision and mutual support within the group, the participants can pursue their research projects even more intensively than was possible in the previous status of ‚Meisterschüler*innen‘. Additional courses by external experts can be organised to support participants as artists, visual authors and filmmakers in their professional fields. Public presentations and exhibitions are an integral part of the program.

The focus of the Graduate School is the colloquium. On two dates per month, the Graduate School itself is structured by the participants and the individual working projects are discussed. The Graduate School therefore intends to create a context for discussion located within the university framework and making use of the infrastructural opportunities at the Kunsthochschule and the university.

Active involvement by the participants in the shaping of the graduate school is welcome and will be encouraged.

Associated Teachers:

  • Joel Baumann, Echo Can Luo (Dean Kunsthochschule Kassel, New Media)
  • Martina Bramkamp, Franka Sachse (Animation)
  • Mario de Vega (Sound)
  • Auriea Harvey, Tobias Zarges (Games)
  • Holger Jenss (Intermedial Photography and Time-based Media in the Artistic Field)
  • Bjørn Melhus, Angela Anderson (Virtual Realities)
  • Jan Peters, Anna Berger (Film and Motion Picture)
  • Johanna Schaffer, Miriam Schickler (Theory and Practice in Visual Communiation)
  • Olaf Val (Teacher for special tasks, Head of ::digipool - study workshop for digital media)

Lisa Dreykluft (since 2019)
Holger Jenss (2019–2022)

Application is possible each winter semester. Information about the open call here