Knöfel, Harald

Teaching Staff for Special Tasks | Director Book and Paper Workshop

Harald Knöfel, born in 1960 in Hemmoor (formerly Basbeck in Niedersachsen). After successfully completing his teacher training at secondary level II with the subjects art/visual communication, mathematics, politechnics/vocational education in 1992, he began working in the art department, in the workshop book and paper at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, and as a teacher for special tasks.

Since then Knöfel has been involved in the medium of paper with its many design possibilities, for instance as artist’s book, paper theater, or in a wider field, of creating three-dimensional structures from flat paper.

As a teacher at the Art Academy Bad Reichenhall he offers one-week courses in the area of three-dimensional design with paper, and designs the Hessische Lehrerzeitung (HLZ) for the Hessian Teachers’ Union.