The Kunsthochschule full of found objects

Marit-Helen Brunnert, Henning Roye and Rebecca Scheibke designed the visual appearance of this year's RUNDGANG.

From July 13 - 16, 2023, the RUNDGANG of the Kunsthochschule Kassel will take place. The exhibition is the highlight of the academic year and always takes place at the end of the summer semester. A large number of art enthusiasts flock to the public exhibition over the four days to gain a broad insight into all fields of study at the Kunsthochschule.

The visual image of the RUNDGANG, developed by graphic design students Marit-Helen Brunnert, Henning Roye and Rebecca Scheibke, focuses on the Kunsthochschule as a place with its objects: "Everyday events are concentrated into a single moment and captured, what would otherwise possibly remain hidden in boxes, under stairs, next to cupboards," explains the graphic design team. The series of three posters shows a collection of found objects from the art school: "The found objects are captured in deep-drawn polystyrene sheets and come together in intuitive combinations. In this way, defined surfaces and new free spaces are created," say the designers about their concept. And they explain further: "The information screen-printed onto the plates in the first step deforms over the found objects, stretching and shrinking. They form a flexible frame and the connection between the individual spaces." The polystyrene panels were then photographed and digitally post-processed in the studio. "The poster series captures an actual state that functions as an analogy to studying at the art academy," say the three designers:in.

For the development and implementation of their design concept, Marit-Helen Brunnert, Henning Roye and Rebecca Scheibke worked analogously and took advantage of the wide range of offerings of the individual study workshops at the Kunsthochschule.

(Text in German: Çiğdem Özdemir)