German Publishing Award 2023 for Rotopol

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth presented 64 independent publishers with the German Publishing Award 2023 in Berlin on Sep 22, 2023.

On Sep 22, 2023 in Berlin, Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth awarded 64 independent publishers with the German Publishing Prize 2023. The three top prize winners this year are the publishing houses Rotopol from Hesse, Das Wunderhorn from Baden-Württemberg and the Berlin-based Zuckersüß Verlag. They won the top prizes, each worth 60,000 euros. Another 60 publishers received a prize of 24,000 euros each. In total, the Minister of State handed out prize money amounting to 1,620,000 euros.

This year's winners of the German Publishing Prize were selected from 358 entries by an independent jury of experts chaired by literary translator Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel. The main criteria were an innovative publishing program, the quality of their publishing work, the implementation of unusual projects, a particularly appealing design of the books, and special cultural commitment, for example to promoting reading culture.

The announcement of the Federal Government for Culture and Media can be found here.

About Rotopol
Rotopol is a publishing house for graphic storytelling based in Kassel. The publishing program includes primarily comics and picture books for children and adults, as well as art prints, paper games, postcards and sketchbooks. In doing so, Rotopol probes the boundaries of what illustration and comics can achieve and lets readers discover high-quality produced books and exciting talents with personal drawing and storytelling styles. Since the beginning of 2016, Rotopol has been led by Rita Fürstenau (graduate, Kunsthochschule Kassel) and managed together with a publishing team of freelancers and permanent employees.

Already in 2018, Rotopol was awarded the main prize of the first-ever "Publishing Prize of the State of Hesse", as well as the "German Publishing Prize" in 2020 and 2022.