Exchange with Adrian Peach on alternative energy production

British designer Adrian Peach offered two workshops for product design students (Kunsthochschule Kassel) at the end of the winter semester 2022/23.

The problem of energy consumption, resource depletion, and global warming has moved from the margins to the focus of politics, scientific research, and the media over the past fifty years. However, the need to limit consumption is in direct conflict with the lifestyles of consumers:who continue to buy more, consume more, and waste more, and whose numbers are increasing in emerging economies.

So how can we turn the need to reduce energy and resource consumption into an attractive lifestyle proposition? Could we capitalize on consumers:increased interest in health and exercise by harnessing their bodily energy to power appliances in the home and in places of work and residence? The 12 students explored these questions in two workshops with British designer Adrian Peach. In individual group work, innovative project ideas emerged that highlight possible forms of alternative energy generation and use.

Adrian Peach has spent three decades working with a wide range of international brands from Alessi to 3M, with renowned architectural firms such as Antonio Citterio and David Chipperfield, with craftsmen and industrial companies, with research centers and universities to solve creative problems and provide insights for a better end product. He applies his experience as a multidisciplinary design consultant to create a better quality of experience for the end consumer:s and a sustainable competitive advantage for the manufacturer:s.