Design Award of the City of Munich for Ayzit Bostan

This year's Design Award of the City of Munich honors the designer and artist Ayzit Bostan for her outstanding work. The prize is the highest municipal award in the field of applied arts.

The Design Prize, endowed with 10,000 euros, is awarded every three years for the complete works of designers who live in Munich or the Munich region or have a close connection to Munich as the place of their work.

The 2023 award was decided by the Holiday Senate at its meeting today on the recommendation of a jury. The jury justified its proposal as follows: "The design work of Ankara-born Munich-based Ayzit Bostan is convincing due to its consistently developed, independent handwriting over decades. With her works she sets important accents in the art and design scene of Munich. (...) Bostan uses her fashion pieces, objects and spatial stagings as media for pop-cultural quotations, ironic references and political messages. With charm and ease, she staged major themes such as migration and queerness in the solo exhibition "Ayzit Bostan Palast" at the Rathausgalerie in 2023. (...) Her works are formally-aesthetically expressive and multi-layered. They combine approaches and questions from art and design, question conventional design concepts and cannot be classified in classical design categories. Despite international success and recognition, she has always remained true to Munich. Well-connected in Munich's subculture and working collaboratively, she is not only an important role model for an upcoming generation of designers*, but also sustainably promotes young colleagues."

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Town Hall Review 170 / 2023