Design: Elisa Hempel in collaboration with Marlon Jung and Chantal Barkhüser

30.05.2023 – 21.06.2023

Under Pressure

Beneath the waves, in dazzeling lights and utter darkness, we find a world in a delicate balance of interconnectedness and interdependence.

The first life forms originated in the ocean. Our kinship is real. With this change of perspective we reflect on topics like coexistence, consumerism, queerness and on the multiplicity of forms that intelligence takes.

So what can we learn from the sea horse ́s safety strategy? What is the hermit crab teaching us about housing? Human intelligence is always the standard against which every other form of cognition is measured. The catastrophic impacts of deep-sea mining, overfishing and climate change call this standard into question.

Capitalism prioritizes practices which guarantee short term success despite knowing about the damage caused to oceanic systems and life on planet earth.

Balance is a dynamic process.

Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. The ocean produces fifty percent of the earth’s oxygen.

From the earliest single-celled organisms to the complex web of life we see today, everything is connected to the ocean in some way. As such, any disruption to the balance of the ocean can have ripple effects throughout the entire world.

How deep is your love? Dive in / Submerge with us

Class for Virtual Realities / Artists:
Chantal Barkhüser, Carolin Angulo Hammes, Juejun Chen, Grzegorz Demczuk, Samu Goldbourne, Hwihyeon Yoon, Marlon Jung, Anja Kellner, Hansol Kim, Ai Kobayashi * Leander Laszlo Kudjer, Siyan Liu, Muyang Lu, Youngbin No, Ziming Peng, Ade Schinauer, Marie Werthschulte, Konrad Winter, Xiaoran Yang

Tues, May 30, 7 – 10 pm

Wed, June 21, 7 – 10 pm

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