View of Ahnatal from the Dörnberg Image © Imago / Panthermedia

06.04.2024 23:00 UHR

The Artist's Corner | Listen to Hessen 50

Jens Brand | Babak Samari - Waiting (tolerated in Ahnatal).

Ahnatal, on the northern edge of the Habichtswald Nature Park in the district of Kassel, has around 8,000 inhabitants. The town was created in 1972 as part of the regional reform in Hesse by merging three adjoining settlements.

Since 2008, the Iranian artist Babak Samari (* 1981), with whom this Hessen-hören piece was created in cooperation, has lived here in a legal state of toleration. The sound artist Jens Brand (* 1968) - a professor at the Kunsthochschule Kassel from 2013 to 2023, he now teaches sound art at the Kunsthochschule Braunschweig - and the art student Samari, who is enrolled in Kassel, met at the university.

Samari writes about his living situation: "Duldung is not a residence permit and one meaning of it is suspension of deportation. But this word actually has other meanings. The word Duldung comes from the verb dulden. Some synonyms of dulden are to endure, bear, suffer. When a person is tolerated somewhere, he is first described as something unpleasant if he has to be endured or endured by other people in that place." The audio piece "Warten (Geduldet in Ahnatal)" is based on recordings of nature in Ahnatal and texts by Samari.

hr2-kultur, "The Artist's Corner", 06.04.2024, 11 p.m.


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