22.05.2024 12:00 UHR

MIXTAPE: Woonjii

Founder of experimental collective Yisekai, Woonjii, had play at .Tag and VG+ at 宀club and is a veteran crate digger based in Hong Kong. Her techno and rare experimental collection, released after 00's, craft out apocalyptic vibe for off-limit experience.

Woonjii spent the past years sorting rare collections released after 00's of experimental and techno records acquired from a warehouse record store in Hong Kong which closed down in 2019. Shortly after her debut at 宀Club in 2022 and 宀Podcast MIX032, Woonjii received numerous positive reviews, she was then invited to play at .Tag and all-vinyl label VG+ at 宀club. Her selections often craft out an apocalyptic vibe for those seeking off-limit experience. Prior to diving into the world of DJing, Woonjii was already immersed in promoting and curating licensed music for retailers in APAC as sales and marketing in a company which is now part of Apple Music for Business. Her graduation thesis of MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise at the Central Saint Martins suggested pathways for the sustainable development of the music industry.

May 22th, 12 p.m.–13 p.m. [ MIXTAPE ]

Room 206 / 207 [ CORTEX ]
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