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24.11.2023 14:00 UHR

Lecture: Makoto Oshiro

Makoto Oshiro is a Berlin-Tokyo based performer and artist. His primary medium is sound, but he also combines other elements including light, electricity and movement of objects. In live performances, he uses self-made tools and instruments that are based on electronic devices, every day materials, and junk. His installation work handles sound as a physical and auditory phenomenon, and focuses on characteristics such as vibration and interference. He is also a member of the live installation / performance group The Great △ (夏の大△) with Takahiro Kawaguchi and Satoshi Yashiro, and runs the label Basic Function.

November 24th, 2–4 p.m.

Room 207 [ CORTEX ]
Direct Media [ Sound ]
Menzelstraße 13–15
34121 Kassel


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