Credit image: Josep Losada

23.11.2023 10:00 UHR

Lecture by Nuria Güell at Kunsthochschule Kassel

On Thursday 23 November at 10.00AM visual artist Nuria Güell (ES, 1981) will give a zoom-lecture for the seminar ‘On Values in Art’ within the program of the Mehrdimensionale Strategien Klasse at Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Güell's work is linked to the social, political, and economic spheres, expanding the conventional limits of the Art Gallery and the Museum to approach the space of everyday life. Her artistic practice is distinguished by an attempt to rethink the ethics of those large institutions that govern our society and organize our lives, suggesting alternative methodologies. Whether she employs an illegalized immigrant to play hide-and- seek with visitors at an art biennial, or Romani beggars in the streets of Stockholm to fundraise for Swedish culture, or marries a Cuban guy to provide him with Spanish citizenship, Güell is constantly taking aim at hegemonic power relationships and its related abuse, trying to subvert entrenched positions and destabilize set conventions.

The zoom-lecture, will be in English and joined digitally is possible from 10.00 AM -11.00 AM via this link:

The presentation is open to all students and scholars of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, and in case you are interested in this approach to art-making you can also participate in the conversation afterwards by joining us in person at room 2140, Südbau. 

Note: To facilitate the task of the moderators, this time there is no possibility to ask questions when participating digitally.

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