Design: Laura Därr

09.02.2023 – 25.02.2023

GBB_edits #1

Alicia Carotta
Zeno Gries
Juliane Henrich
Silke Körber
Tobi Sauer
Chris Schnerr

With GBB_edits #1 the first collaborative final exhibition of the Graduate School of Moving Image takes place, which can be seen from 10.02.2023 to 25.03.2023 in the exhibition hall of the Kunsthochschule Kassel. The results of the artistic and cinematic research projects that the exhibitors have developed within their two-year qualification will be presented.

In the context of the interdisciplinary approach of the Graduate School of Moving Image, the six exhibitors bring together a wide range of artistic and cinematic positions, which are made visible in diverse installative methods - from photographic works to a self-developed software. They tell of the influence of global market mechanisms, as well as of the ideological past of gender role models.

Chris Schnerr, for example, deals with his own family history and father role and deconstructs traditional notions of masculinity in his work. Based on the idea of a trans-European channel linking different countries, Tobi Sauer and Silke Körber developed two different projects: Körber deals with the archiving of German-German history, Sauer organized a live show where collective knowledge became practice. Juliane Henrich and Zeno Gries reflect on the influence of new technologies that are entering our private sphere in the form of smart homes and artificial intelligence. The potential of massive surveillance by high-tech corporations, which Henrich shows us, manifests itself in Alicia Carotta's video work in the context of cruise ships.

We are pleased to kick off the GBB_edits #1 series with these six exhibitors and wish all GBB graduates continued success in their careers as filmmakers and artists.

Thanks to Silentnight Kassel for providing their media.

Exhibition period: 10.02.2023 - 25.02.2023

Opening hours: Wed - Sat, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Opening: Thu, 09.02.2023, 6 p.m.

Exhibition hall of the Kunsthochschule Kassel
Menzelstraße 13, 34121 Kassel


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