12.04.2023 – 01.05.2023

„Dazugehören und andere Träumereien"

The students of the class for multidimensional strategies exhibit in the exhibition area of the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Under the title „Dazugehören und andere Träumereien" they show works that deal with the contents of the seminar "Landscapes of Migration". Over a period of one and a half years, the class discussed the parameters of belonging and exclusion in Germany along the lines of the book "Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum" with guests from art and science. What does it mean to be part of social power structures? The students also explored this question in their artistic practice. The result is a subject of works in the fields of photography, film, sound, sculpture, installation, performance, text and textiles, which negotiates various aspects of feeling belonging and alienated and addresses several channels of perception.

The class Multidimensional Strategies at the Kunsthochschule Kassel deals with the questions: "For whom is art and whom does it represent? When does art become appealing to different audiences?" Students work individually and in groups inside and outside the White Cube. In doing so, students examine the interacting significance between the exhibition space, the artistic work, and the audience. One focus is on how art and art practice can respond to the demands of our time and be effective beyond the representational level. Thus, the practice of the class moves at the intersections of political and artistic work.


„Dazugehören und andere Träumereien"
04/13 to 05/01/2013

Opening hours:
Tue to Thu from 12pm-6pm
Fri to Sun from 3pm-8pm

Vernissage: 12.04.23, 6pm-9pm
Finissage: 01.05.23, 3pm (open end)

Exhibition area of the Kunsthochschule Kassel
Menzelstr. 13, 34121 Kassel (between Hörsaal building and north building)

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