14.11.2023 – 19.11.2023

40th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival

Looking back to the future: the international Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

56 feature-length films and 185 short films will be screened in Kassel's art house cinemas from November 14 to 19, 2023. With DokfestStreams, the additional retrievable online offering provides the opportunity to watch films nationwide from home until Nov. 26,23.

The program consists of documentaries and artistic-experimental productions. With a high density of voices and perspectives, stories and realities are made audible and visible that would otherwise remain hidden. The films deal with questions of humanity, such as justice and freedom, in the context of current and historical social events.

Four prizes totaling €20,000 will be awarded from among 83 nominated works. The festival includes a special 40th anniversary program as well as other cross-media formats. The exhibition Monitoring shows 19 contemporary video and media installations. The Hessian University Film Day offers a networking and continuing education platform for young filmmakers in Hesse.

Screenings – Kunsthochschule Kassel

14.11.23, 19:30 o'clock, Gloria

  • Das Zauberglas, Bjørn Melhus

15.11.23, 13:15 o'clock, BALi

  • Von dem, was bleibt, Johanna Groß

17.11.23, 17 o'clock, BALi

  • Eigentlich eigentlich Januar, Jan Peters

17.11.23, 22:15 o'clock, BALi

  • Diary of an Obvious Admirer, Mia Baden
  • „Apart from me - A part of me" – ein Ausschnitt, Luzie Deter
  • I want to use my tears to Iubricate your cock, Marlene Hessemer
  • Evolution, Siyan Liu
  • Unsafe Desire. Yasmin Bennani, Alexandra Münzner
  • Na? Hwihyeon Yoon
  • I just wanna suck some cock, Leonard Volkmer

18.11.23, 13:15 o'clock, BALi

  • Spielerepublik Deutschland, Hendrik Maximilian

18.11.23, 14:30 o'clock, Filmladen

  • Forest of Frames, Kooperation zwischen der Kunsthochschule Kassel (Klasse für Film und Bewegtbild) und der ESAPB – École Supérieure d'Art Pays Basque (Bayonne-Biarritz, Frankreich)

18.11.23, 17:30 o'clock, BALi

  • Debris City, Nezihe Karakaya
  • Соління / Pickles, Oleksandra Krasavtseva
  • Metzgergrün, Alexandra Leibmann
  • Con Tàu của Theseus / The Ship of Theseus, Thanh-Giang Nguyen
  • Vom Duft der Roten Beete und den Menschen, die ewig leben, Petra Stipetić, Maren Wiese
  • Black Box, Eleonora Dieterichs
  • Das Wesen des Waldes, Franziska Funke
  • UN/ENDLICH, Daniel Maaß

18.11.23, 22:15 o'clock, BALi

  • Resolution, Bjørn Melhus

19.11.23, 20:00 o'clock, BALi

  • Breath Cruise Tales, Alicia Carotta
  • Mechanical Resonance, Juejun Chen
  • Wie verhält sich der Schnipsel zum System, Franziska Funke
  • love is the only thought and pain is the only feeling, Timothy Hammer
  • Women who cook rice, Hansol Kim
  • Private Moment, Lucie Friederike Mueller
  • Das weibliche Kapital, Diellza Spahija
  • Starren / Gaze, Tianshu Yang, Xiaoxuan Yu

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