Lehramt.International: Internships abroad for teaching graduates

Germany's future teachers work in an increasingly globalized environment. Therefore, preparing young people to act responsibly in global contexts should begin at school. Teachers must be able to classify global developments and their effects on society against the background of their own experiences and to teach them in an authentic, subject-related manner.

Study-related stays abroad and intercultural competencies help them to do this. With funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the DAAD supports teacher training graduates in their stays abroad and universities in the internationalization of teacher training courses in the comprehensive overall program "Lehramt.International". Graduates of teaching degree programs receive scholarships for 6-12 month internships at school and university institutions abroad in the program "Internships Abroad for Graduates of Teaching Degree Programs". Who can apply? Graduates of teacher training programs (Master's degree or state examination) of all subject combinations and all types of schools can apply before the training part of the traineeship, i.e. after the Master's degree or between the first and second state examination. Graduates in elementary education are especially encouraged to apply. Under certain conditions, persons with foreign citizenship may also apply: Further informationWhat is funded? Graduates of teaching degree programs in all subject combinations and all types of schools receive a scholarship for self-organized internships at school and university institutions abroad. The PASCH network, cooperation and partner schools of the German university abroad are available for this purpose, among others.

Duration of funding 6 - 12 months The scholarship cannot be extended.

Application deadline Applications can be submitted throughout the year, at the latest four weeks before the start of the internship.

Information on the call for applications at:www.daad.de