Awards, prizes, scholarships 2020

The cdw Foundation Sponsorship Award (EXAMEN 2020) was awarded to: Thomas Reymann (5,000 euros), Nico Buurman (2,500 euros) and Fiona Sophie Körner (2,500 euros). Leya Bilgic and Lea Schücking received an honorable mention for their work "SHARDS - Tiles from Construction Waste."

Product design students Isabel Hemberger, Daniel Westhof, Philip Weyer and Josefine Doering received a graduation scholarship from the Ikea Foundation. The scholarships are endowed with 500 EUR per month and are awarded for a period of three to six months.

Harry Besel receives a project grant from the Hessian Ministry of Science and Culture for the realization of his film "Grenzer".

The founding team SHARDS (Lea Schücking and Leya Bilgic) is supported with the EXIST-Gründerstipendium in the amount of 141,000 euros for the implementation of its innovative business concept.

German Design Graduates Greencards, Awards & Supports awarded. The following graduates were selected from the Kunsthochschule Kassel (Product Design): Green Card Shortlist one&twenty Milan: Rosa Heinz (thesis: plastic craft). Project coaching at LÄUFER & KEICHEL: Maximilian Müller (final project: Outdoor Living). Participation in the exhibition Green Smart Materials by Haute Innovation: Rosa Heinz (final project: Plastics Handicraft). Participation in the Wasserschloss Klaffenbach exhibition: Darius Zalzadeh (final project: Galop).

Hessian Film and Cinema Award 2020: The award for the best short film "Your Future" goes to Maren Wiese and Petra Stipetic.

Hessian Film Promotion for graduates and students of the Academy of Fine Arts. For the area of production: Ines Christine Geißer (funding amount: 10,000 euros), Paula Godínez (funding amount: 20,000 euros) and Behrooz Karamizade (funding amount: 350,000 euros).

FLEUR by Abdalla Mohamed is awarded the Core77 Design Awards in the category "Furniture & Lighting".

In order to accompany the interfaces and areas of friction between art and science at the emerging documenta Institute from the very beginning, the state of Hesse is funding the project "Art Research Practice documenta - artistic and curatorial research at the documenta Institute" at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with 200,000 euros in 2020 and 2021.

Rundgang prices (Kunsthochschule Kassel): Gamesklasse, Antirassistische Gemeinschaft, AHA-Artistshomealone (Aesthetic practice in the subject didactics of art education), "Ausstehen" (Julia Majewski, Robin Miro Isenmann, Denis Lebedev, Teresa Neumann), Basisklasse Bildende Kunst, Galeria Kollektiva, Home as De(s)sert (Al Solh class), "Cultural Identity" (Product Design project professorship), Litty the Litfass Column Collective (Amelie Noll, Elisa Hempel, Magdalena Bernard), TERRARISTA TV (Melhus class). All groups are funded with 475 euros each. Sponsors 2020: Kasseler Sparkasse (500 euros), Universitätsgesellschaft Kassel e.V. (750 euros), HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG (1,000 euros), SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG (2,500 euros).

Aliaksei Paluyan receives a production grant (62,000 euros) from the German Federal Government for Culture and Media (BKM) for his documentary film "Courage".

Imina Geilmann, Florian Bremer, Milan Stein and Lucas Melzer are scholarship holders of the German National Academic Foundation.

The winners of the Kassel Art Prize of the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation have been announced: Hannah Meisinger is the winner in the field of visual arts. Jan Grebenstein is awarded an intermedia prize. Both prizes are endowed with 5,000 euros each. In addition, Helena Schätzle is honored with the Doris Krininger Prize (5,000 euros).

Greta von Richthofen is a scholarship holder at the Künstlerhaus Meinersen. The scholarship is sponsored by the district of Gifhorn.

Rotopol receives the German Publishing Award 2020, which was awarded to 66 small and independent publishers from all over Germany.

The short film SUGAR by Bjørn Melhus was awarded best entry in the German Competition at the 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Hilke Heithecker wins 2nd prize at the PLAYGROUND Art PRIZE 2020.

For "Am Ende des Sommers" by Frauke Lodders (alumna), the jury of HessenFilm und Medien GmbH awards a funding sum of 500,000 euros. Arianna Waldner Bingemer's documentary "Matters of Identity" is funded with 20,000 euros and the series "Benedikt Bärenstark" by Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt (Alumni) with 25,000 euros.

Pia Sun (Animation) will be awarded the World Illustration Awards 2020 (Category: Design Product & Packaging).

The winners of the Hessen Design Competition 2020 are: Jona Wentzler / Cold Drip 2000 (Category: Living) and Darius Zalzadeh / Rocking Horse (Category: Kids).

Alma W. Bär 's animation "Hypochondria II (Biomass creative)" was selected in the Dresden 2025 Open Call #stayathomeandbecreative.

Angela Anderson is awarded the Cathrin Pichler Prize 2020 for her project "Ecosexual Time and the Subversive Multiplicity - Reclaiming lost and denied temporalities as an act of love and resistance in the age of capitalist acceleration".

Tanja Böhme (Visual Arts) and Tobias Sauer (Visual Communication) each receive a scholarship from the five Rotary Clubs in the city and district of Kassel.

Jessica Kuttner (product design) will receive the Hessen scholarship.

The Otto Braun Fund scholarship holders are: Verena Kern, Jan Mensen, Helen Stefanie Schneider, Robin Vehrs and Arianna Waldner Bingemer. The scholarship for final artistic projects amounts to 520 euros for a maximum period of six months.

Jonas Grubelnik receives the "kunstinitiative2020" art prize (15,000 euros) from the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN).

"Design Plus powered by Light + Building" Awards: Natascha Burk receives the Best of for her work "cling". Two Winner awards go to Annika Joachim ("Sphera") and Lisa-Maria Schmidt ("Pina & Pino").

The two working scholarships for young artists in Willingshausen were awarded to Martha Frieda Friedel and Selina Schwank for the year 2020.