Awards, prizes, scholarships 2019

The cdw Foundation Promotion Award (EXAMEN 2019) was awarded to: Jessica Kuttner (Product Design) and Mike Huntemann (Visual Communication). The graduates* will receive prize money of 4,000 euros each. Susanne Wegerich, Saskia Drebes and Sarah Metz received an honorable mention for their work "Intervention Food Hardware".

Christian Küster (student artist) and Dorothee and Pablo Zinser (student artist) received the art award of the Kassel Business Park (UPK Art Award).

Hessian film funding in the amount of 20,000 euros is awarded to the film project COURAGE by Aliaksei Paluyan.

German Short Film Award for the best experimental film up to 30 minutes running time was awarded to Clara Winter and Miguel Ferráez for the film "Wir sprechen heute noch Deutsch".

Qiao Li is a fellow of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

The short film "Lake of Joy" by Aliaksei Paluyan was awarded the 2nd Prize of the European Jury at the 49th ALCINE International Film Festival in Spain.

The Golden Hercules of the Kassel Dokfest goes to Franziska Wank for her film Sonntagmorgen. An honorable mention goes to Sarah Hüther and Sita Scherer for their film At the Margin.

The short film "Lake of Joy" by Aliaksei Paluyan is nominated for the German Short Film Award 2019 in the category "Feature Film of 10 to 30 Minutes Running Time".

Susanne Umscheid (Product Design) receives recognition for her work "The Gender of Things" as part of the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg-Förderpreis for design-critical texts 2019.

Mario Strahl, a graduate of the Kassel University of the Arts, and Joshua Graf, a former student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, received the award for the best idea in the UNIKAT Ideas Competition 2019 with their idea "Dignee Nursing Chair."

30th Hessian Film and Cinema Award 2019: Aliaksei Paluyan's (Film and Television) "Lake of Joy" is awarded Best Short Film. In the category Best Screenplay, Frauke Lodders (graduate) is awarded for "Am Ende des Sommers".

Product Design graduates Simon Frambach ("Dynamic Folding Chair"), Stephanie Hobmeier ("The Future Used to Be Better, Too") and Verena Hutter ( "Moebius Speaker") were awarded the "German Design Graduates 2019" for their final projects.

ENORM fashion label for functional clothing by Fabienne Rako and Florian Bremer (product design) is awarded the Hessen Design Competition Young Talent Award (7,000 euros).

"Lake of Joy" by Aliaksei Paluyan (Film and Television) wins the "BEST DIRECTION" Award at the International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece).

The short film "Lake of Joy" by Aliaksei Paluyan (Film and Television) won three awards at the FICBUEU Film Festival in Spain: the PRIZE OF JURY, the award for BEST ACTRESS and the award for BEST ART DIRECTION.

Isabella Artadis (Industrial Design) receives scholarship funding from the IKEA Foundation. The foundation supports diploma and bachelor theses at German universities in the fields of housing, living environment, home culture and consumer protection.

The short film "Lake of Joy" by Aliaksei Paluyan (Film and Television) won two awards at the Nevada City Film Festival: Best of the Fest and Best Narrative Short Award.

The Honorary Award of the 36th Kassel Dokfest, endowed with 3,000 euros, is awarded to Jan Peters (Professor of Film and Moving Image). Since 2015, the Kassel Dokfest has honored particularly innovative achievement in film and art with an Honorary Award.

The short film FACELIFT by Dennis Stein-Schomburg and Jan Riesenbeck is "Best Experimental Film" at the Transilvania Shorts.

Rundgang prices (Kunsthochschule Kassel): Alexandra Leibmann (Prize of the Universitätsgesellschaft Kassel e.V., 750 euros), Fiona Körner (Birgitt Bolsmann Prize, 1,100 euros), Elko Braas (SV SparkassenVersicherung Prize 1,100 euros), students of Nils Holger Moormann's camping project (SV SparkassenVersicherung Prize 1.100 Euro), Sina Rockensüß (Prize of SV SparkassenVersicherung 300 Euro), Milan Stein (KhK-Klangpreis, 300 Euro), Julian Angermann (Special Mention), Gizem Akbas (Prize of the staff of the Kunsthochschule Kassel), Klasse Melhus (Prize of the students), Anna Verena Lumma (Prize for Courage).

Liang Zhang (product design) takes third place in the mirapodo scholarship competition in the fashion & product design category.

Lea Schücking and Leya Bilgic (product design) are awarded the Hessen Ideas Scholarship. For six months, the scholarship holders receive a monthly grant of 2,000 euros each.

In the international competition "beyond bauhaus - prototyping the future", among others, the project "Solar Spline", a modern sun sail combining sun protection with energy generation, of the Kunsthochschule (Dr. Markus Schein) and Universität Kassel (Dr. Timo Carl, Prof. Frank Steppe) will be awarded.

Josef Hatikov (class Slotawa, fine arts) receives the scholarship of the artist promotion of the Cusanuswerk.

The 1st place (5,000 euros) in the UNIKAT Crowdfunding Contest goes to Saatgutkonfetti by Hannah Hartmann and Philip Weyer (product design).

Joey Arand receives 30,000 euros in funding in the area of production for young talent (HessenFilm und Medien).

The artist duo Hase & Zinser receives this year's Kassel Art Prize from the Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation. The award is endowed with 5,000 euros.

Frauke Rohenkohl (Editorial Design, Visual Communication) receives a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

Petra Stipetic and Maren Wiese are awarded a gold medal and 1,000 euros in prize money for their animated film "Your Future" at the FiSH Festival.

"Robbers and Gendarm" by Florian Maubach (alumnus, animation class) won a prize at the Blon Animation and Games Festival (Lithuania).

Simon Frambach (product design) is the winner of the newcomer award "ein&zwanzig" offered by the German Design Council. For his folding chair he received the highest award "Best of Best" at the Milan Design Week.

Stefan Hahn (Visual Communication) was awarded the Regional Window Prize (500 euros) for his film "Sehnsucht" as part of the 25th International Short Film Week Regensburg.

The Hans Sauer Award 2019 honors the project "Press to Play - Cradle to Cradle® as a children's toy" by Pascal Heußner (Product Design).

The Rotary Clubs of Kassel-Hofgeismar and Baunatal are sponsoring Sevda Güler, Andara Shastika and Zhifeng Zhang with a graduation scholarship. The students will each receive 500 euros per month over a period of ten months.

The Otto-Braun Fund scholarship recipients have been determined: Tobias Sauer for the project "The Kafka Conference"; Sita Scherer for the project "AUFLÖSEN - An essay film about the dissolution of two lives and the non-resolution of Nazi ideology."; Andara Shastika for the project "On body, sounds, and the performing of a foreign language." Charlotte Stamm "INFANS." Greta von Richthofen for the project "'A Bigger Splash' - Representation of everyday violence and sexism in social media." Darius Zalzadeh for the project "'Something with Wood' - Sustainable Shaping Using Additive Manufacturing Processes."

Lion Feuchtwanger Scholarship from the Foundation for Communication Development goes to Janne Marie Dauer (illustration and comics).

The start-up project "Veli" by Joost Fähser (product design, Kassel University of Art) and Tim Weiß (Kassel University) is awarded the Hessen Ideen-Stipendium (2,000 euros per person, funding period 6 months).