Awards, prizes, scholarships 2016

Anja Köhne is supported with a residency scholarship (KSN Foundation Northeim).

Nicolas Wefers was awarded the UPK Art Prize 2016. He won the student award endowed with 3,000 euros.

Nicolas Wefers is the winner of the Kurhessische Medienpreis (2,500 euros).

Anja Köhne receives a project scholarship from the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Ulla Wallbach wins the 1st prize (5,000 euros) at the international art award "Holzschnitt heute" of the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg.

Julia Charlotte Richter and Maja Wirkus, graduates of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, receive a travel grant from the Hessische Kulturstiftung.

Holger Jenss (master student at the Kunsthochschule Kassel) was awarded the photography prize "gute aussichten - junge deutsche fotografie" for his final project "Last Chance Junction".

Golden Hercules 2016 (3,000 euros) goes to "Emily Must Wait" by Christian Wittmoser and Svenja Matthes. Honorable mention goes to Evgenia Gostrer for her short film Frankfurter Str. 99a.

The short film by Kimia Eyzad Panah took 2nd place in the Young Professionals category at the Visionale 16 film festival in Frankfurt.

State of Hesse honors disability-friendly design 2016: Olga Schikurski won second prize in the Young Professionals category for dental splints that clean teeth with ultrasound and light.

Azar Pajuhandeh, master student under Johanna Schaffer and Björn Melhus, becomes a participant in the Berlin Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt 2017. The Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt promotes the assertion of outstanding artistic positions by women.

Nicolas Wefers is awarded the Kassel Art Prize of the Zippel Foundation (5,000 euros).

Kira Bogdashkina, student of fine arts with Prof. Florian Slotawa, receives the artist scholarship of the Cusanuswerk.

Eli Zwimpfer receives the Hessian Short Film Award for her graduation film "ships passing in the night". The prize is endowed with 5,000 euros.

Evgenia Gostrer, alumna of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, wins the Walt Disney Animation Award for Best Graduation Animation at the renowned Canadian animation festival OIAF.

Stephanie Poole wins the STI Design Award 2016 for her concept "Chill&Tea" which was designed for a Unilever briefing.

The cdw Stiftung gGmbH 2016 sponsorship award totaling 7,500 euros goes to: Ralph Zettl, Milena Albiez & Britta Wageman, Tobias Zarges.

In the Best Short Film category of the Hessian Film Award, Elisabeth Zwimpfer wins the 5,000 euro prize for her graduation film "Ships Passing in the Night".

Maja Wirkus was one of four award winners at Talents c/o Berlin 2016 and honored with an exhibition and accompanying publication at Amerikahaus Berlin. Helena Schätzle's photograph of Elias Feinzilberg, Holocaust survivor, and his granddaughter was selected as Peace Picture of the Year from over 16,000 images at the Alfred Fried Award.

Interim project funding (1,800 euros, 6 weeks of interim use and final exhibition at Kassel Museum Night) goes to the interdisciplinary (film) project by Samuel Nerl, Juan Mora Cid and Catalina Acosta.

The collective ACAD&C (Agency for Contemporary Artistic Discourse and Collaboration: Michael Gärtner, Malin Kuht, Feben Amara, Andara Shastika, Paula Mierzowsky, Amelie Jakubek, Norgard Kröger, Ingrid Kutz, Kerstin Rupprecht receives the Rundgang Prize of 2,500 euros.

The University Society Prize (750 euros) goes to Isabell Hemberger, Lukas Dally, Beat Sandkühler - Architecture for Refugees.

Prize of the staff (800 euros): dis/possession / dis/location a whole class(Mathilde ter Heijne) as an artistic team, as a collective that asserts mobility and interaction as more important than the individual production of completed works.

Birgitt Bolsmann Prize (1,100 euros) goes to Sevda Güler - a film that interweaves private destinies and political issues in a language that is as succinct as it is poetic, and in the process makes a lasting impact without raising an index finger.

Audio Art Prize (500 euros) for students of the Kunsthochschule Kassel for the Rundgang 2016. The prize goes to the participants of the workshop "Dumpster Drum Machine": Helen Schneider, Ingo Nitsche, Ipek Burcak, Jan Grebenstein, Jan Mensen, Joscha Bauer, Kerstin Rupprecht, Lea Roth, Lucie Müller, Malene Saalmann, Milena Albiez, Nicole Brauer, Theresa Grysczok and Elko Braas.

Prize of the Stellwerk and the student council (300 euros) to promote an exhibition at the Stellwerk goes to Rosa Violetta Grötsch.

Michel Esselbrügge, student of visual communication, receives a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

Alexander Reich, student of Visual Arts with Prof. Florian Slotawa, receives a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

The documentary film "Wasserrucksack Paul" by Miriam Steen, graduate of the Film/Television major, wins the Water Award of the Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival 2016 in Gainesville, FL/USA.

The documentary "Water Backpack Paul" by Miriam Steen receives the top prize in the category "Success Stories" at the International Festival of Sustainable Development Films Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2016, awarded by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.

The documentary film "Traces of War. Scenes of Everyday Life in a non-existent Country" by Jana Richter, graduate of the Film/Television major, was awarded the "Best Film Made By Non-Ethnologists/Anthropologists" prize at the 8th Ethnographic Film Festival 2016.

Clara Winter, student of Fine Arts at the Kassel University of the Arts, wins the main prize of the 13th FiSH Festival - Der Junge Deutsche Film with her film "postcolonisalism in 30 sqm", made in cooperation with Miguel Ferráez (currently guest student at KhK). The prize is endowed with 9,000 euros.

Valeria Santagati-Juraschek and Saskia Drebes, students in the product design program at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, were awarded prizes at the Hessen Design Competition. The 13-minute short film "Fighter" by Kimia Eyzad Panah, a student majoring in Film and Television at the Kassel School of Art, was selected for the Official Competition of the Tehran International Silent Film Festival.

Evgenia Gostrer 's graduation film Frankfurter Str. 99A wins the 1st jury prize at the Monstronale in Halle as well as the DEFA-Förderpreis for Animation in the national competition at Filmfest Dresden.

Svenja Matthes ' graduation film "Emily must wait" (director: Christian Wittmoser) is selected for the Next Generation Short Tiger program, presented by German Films and FFA at the Cannes Film Festival market.

Alumnus Julius Schultheiß received the new berlin film award in the category Best Feature Film for his feature film debut "Lotte" at the Achtung Berlin Festival.

Nil Atalay and Tobias Juretzek, both artistic associates in the product design program at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, presented their current projects with their design studio studio nito at Milan Design Week 2016. The studio is showing the Bobina furniture series and the Tint luminaire. The 3rd place at the Salone Satellite Award goes to the Bobina Chair.

The coveted white short film bobble of the Lichter Filmfest goes to Florian Grolig, KhK alumnus, for his animated film "In the Distance". At the same time, Grolig can also be happy about the first Lichter Short Film Audience Award. The second award went to Dennis Stein-Schomburg for his animated short film "The Old Man and the Bird". An honorable mention at the film festival went to the short film "the long-distance runner" by Zuniel Kim.

Romina Abate and Marco Di Carlo (both alumni of the Kunsthochschule Kassel) were awarded the Georg Meistermann Scholarship. The Georg Meistermann Scholarships are endowed with 38,000 € each and are among the best endowed graduate scholarships for young artists in Germany.

Kim Asendorf and Jana Lange, alumni of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, receive a fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude with their internet agency Netro.

Thilo Jenssen and Ekachai Eksaroj, alumni of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, have been selected as fellows at the Künstlerkolonie Willingshausen.

Milena Albiez and Britta Wagemann receive Otto-Braun Fund grants of 260 euros per month each for the joint project "PLAKATMASCHINE.DE - an online poster generator.

Josephine Arand receives a scholarship from the Otto-Braun Fonds in the amount of 520 euros per month for six months for the project "An essayistic documentary film on the topic of surrogacy in Germany and India".

Ida Lorbach receives a scholarship from the Otto-Braun Fonds in the amount of 520 euros per month for six months for the project "'Das Wilde' - Körper, Geschlecht, Sexualität".

Ippolit Vikhorev receives a grant from the Otto-Braun Fonds in the amount of 520 euros per month for six months for the project "A short film: 'Amnesia' a reappraisal of the past".

Fritz Laszlo Weber receives a scholarship of the Otto-Braun Fonds in the amount of 520 Euro per month for six months for the project "Tower Power Point, a video project about the history and meaning of towers".

Clara Winter receives a scholarship of the Otto-Braun Fonds in the amount of 520 Euro per month for six months for the project "Turning the aesthetic abuse of the fewly privileged against the privileged few".