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Stipetić, Petra

Artistic Associate | Animation

Petra Stipetić is an independent animation artist and a teacher. During her Bachelor of Education studies at the University of Mainz in the fields of philosophy and liberal arts with a focus on sculpture, she discovered her interest in and talent for creating characters and their worlds. This led her to a love for telling stories, which she professionalized during her second degree in Visual Communication with a focus on animation at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. She is particularly dedicated to a playful approach to examining and treating complex topics.

Petra Stipetić’s short films have been in a variety of national and international film festivals and have been awarded numerous prizes. She owes their realization in part to funding from HessenFilm und Medien and the Hessischen Kulturstiftung. In 2022 she received a scholarship for artistic final projects from Otto Braun Fund.

Since 2022 she has been teaching animation and visual storytelling in the Digital Media and Experiment program at the Hochschule Bielefeld. Since 2023 she has been an artistic associate in the class for animation at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.